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Newsletter #8



Hola from Argentina!


Dear friends, here is latest hunting special prepared for those that want to hunt big game in Argentina for the first time, or just want to repeat the good times with us. Situated near the town of Santa Rosa, in the heart of the Pampas region, hunters will find this country flat and bushy perfect environment for a challenging hunt. Here the red stag hunting on 15,000 acres estate ranch is consider one of the best hunting in all of Argentina together with the amazing lodging and first classs international meals and wines. Book now and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience.

Pablo Mazza
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SANTA ROSA, La Pampa province, Argentina
Red stag and Blackbuck hunt ::


Book before October 31st and get this special offer:
5 days hunt, 1 red stag trophy up to 300 SCI points, 1 Blackbuck antelope (best available)
Regular rate: U$D 8150.-

Included: first class lodge, gourmet meals (famous Argentina beef and game meet), local Malbec wines, beer, open bar, laundry, in-field trophy care, 1x1 professional hunting guide, English spoken host.

Dates: March-April-May (ask for 2016 open spots).

Trophy fee on additional species starting from: Water buffalo U$D4000.- Axis deer U$D3500.- Fallow deer U$D3500.- European Muflon U$D4000.- Dorset ram U$D1500.- Multi-horned ship U$D2000.- Wild boar U$D2000.-

  Mike... what a beautiful deer! This stag is huge!
  Nico and Mike   Rick and his #6 SCI Southamerican Blackbuck
  Nice red stag hunted by Tyler in La Pampa   Two gringos drinking "mate"! Dale and TJ Argentinean style

Pablo, Thank you so much for such a great trip. Not only did we get some amazing trophies but we had a great time in BA with you. We all agreed that you are the best at what you do. Thanks for helping us have the trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Nick Falcone

Hi Pablo! Thanks again for a great experience and hunt! Rick
Rick Bonander

  A huge water buffalo. One of the most challenging hunt in La Pampa, Argentina
  Mike and his beutiful red stag,   Nice Blackbuck hunted by Tyler from California
  Typical Blackbuck antelope scene.
  Doug and HIS red (really red) stag.   Aunique white fallow deer!

Pablo – I want to thank you for creating an incredible experience in Argentina. From the big game hunts and hospitality in La Pampa, to the beautiful property of Los Laureles and the dove and fly fishing made for an amazing trip. Thank you for the fly fishing lessons ! That was a ton of fun ! We too enjoyed your company, along with the likes of Nico, Aldo, Pepe, Horacio, Franko and a few others… I would like to stay in touch with you, as I hope to bring my family back down to Argentina some day. I truly enjoyed my time and thank you again for arranging it all ! Cheers,
Doug Watson

Pablo: Sorry I am a little slow on the draw to truly express my gratitude for all your help in organizing an amazing Argentina Adventure for us. You did a superior job making sure all the details were worked out as we had very little down time between hunting lodges. Having hunted in Argentina before I must say that the dove hunting at Los Laurels was awesome! The lodge and service of staff along with the millions of birds created memories I will have forever. I also loved catching my first golden Dorado on a fly! Thanks you once again, for all your hard work and being a fun and very gracious host. Let's keep in touch my friend and hope to see you soon.
Cory Higgins

Great trip guys. Now digging out from being gone! Thanks for all your hard work and detailed logistics! Talk soon when a little more breathing room. Cheers and Thanks again for organizing guys. Awesome!
Mike Stark

  Happy guys: Doug, Cory and Dave from California.   Iimpressive old Water Buffalo!!!
  Manny Feijoo and his super gold medal Red Stag hunted in La Pampa province, Argentina: 528 SCI points

Pablo, hope all is well with you, we all had a great time in LaPampa. What a nice place to hunt. Thanks again for a great trip. Hope to come back again.
Mike Dougherty

Had a wonderful time. Everyone was great. Already starting to save for the next hunt. Thanks to everybody for a wonderful experience.
Ellsworth Warner

Pablo, We wanted to thank you, Nacho and Nico for another great trip. We always enjoy Argentina, but the people we meet make it very special for us. The buffalo and stag hunting with Horracio was another great memory for the books. From the pictures you can see how Bonnie felt about the wing shooting. I guess if the gun is on fire, that shows how red hot the shooting can be. The staff at the lodge worked to make everything smooth even when the weather was horrible. I now only need to loose the 5 pounds I gained from eating too much at the outstanding meals. Can't wait for the next adventure for in San Luis and Mendoza. Thanks to all for a great trip!
Bonnie and Dave Athey

  Dave Athey from Wyoming and his amazing Water Buffalo hunted in La Pampa.
  Hola Bonnie!!! Is there any other happy women like her?   Nico, Paul, Bob, Ells, Scott, Mike, Ells Jr and me... a good Malbec after the hunt.
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