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Hola from Argentina!


Dear friends, here we are again with the latest hunting and fishing news from Argentina. As in twenty thirteen, 2014 was probably one of the best seasons in many years. Dorado fishing was amazing in all the fishing areas. Wing shooting, as good as ever: lot of dove everywhere not only in Cordoba, plenty of duck in Buenos Aires province and every day the perdiz limit was reach. Big game: the star… the size and quality of the hunted trophies in La Pampa were the awesome! The following are some testimonials and experiences. Thanks all!

Pablo Mazza


Buenos Aires and Entre Rios province, Argentina
Waterfowl combo hunt - Duck, Dove and Perdiz :: READ MORE >>


Thanks Ray, Ray Jr, Abbie, Hoyt, Matt, Mary, Powell, Sumt, James, Bruce, Stant and Caleb, you´re a very nice group of friends, as ¨ve mentioned as a big family. Was great to share you hunting trip to Argentina! Hope to see you soon.
Pablo Mazza

Thanks also to Terry, Mike, Steve, Mitch and Dustin. You are all great hunters! All the best from Argentina.

  The Huntsville family. I seem Alabama is full of great hunters!
  Terry and Steve   Matt and Mary, very happy after a crazy dove shooting outing.
  Mike, Steve and Terry. Nice morning duck hunt.   Abbie shoot only 43 boxes in one afternoon, not bad...

Pablo, I hope everything is going well!! We had a great trip and look forward to next year!! Again, Thank You for the great hospitality and I look forward to seeing you in January.Thanks!
Terry Gibson

Thanks Pablo! What a great trip!
Tom Harbin

Pablo, You are the man! Gracias! Good hunting! We had a great experience with your team!
Alec Kempe

  Foggy morning, not an odd for the Perdiz hunt.
  Ray and Ray Jr. Look at that... serious duck hunters.   Nice to see hunters having fun.

SANTA ROSA, La Pampa province, Argentina
Big game hunt ::

  Doug and HIS red (really red) stag.    

During March and April different groups friends hunt during the red stag rut. Not only red stags, also water buffalo, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, four horned ram, and wild boar. La Pampa is still one of the best destinations all over the world for this wide variety of trophies. Results are always very good.

Pablo – I want to thank you for creating an incredible experience in Argentina. From the big game hunts and hospitality in La Pampa, to the beautiful property of Los Laureles and the dove and fly fishing made for an amazing trip. Thank you for the fly fishing lessons ! That was a ton of fun ! We too enjoyed your company, along with the likes of Nico, Aldo, Pepe, Horacio, Franko and a few others… I would like to stay in touch with you, as I hope to bring my family back down to Argentina some day. I truly enjoyed my time and thank you again for arranging it all ! Cheers,
Doug Watson

Pablo: Sorry I am a little slow on the draw to truly express my gratitude for all your help in organizing an amazing Argentina Adventure for us. You did a superior job making sure all the details were worked out as we had very little down time between hunting lodges. Having hunted in Argentina before I must say that the dove hunting at Los Laurels was awesome! The lodge and service of staff along with the millions of birds created memories I will have forever. I also loved catching my first golden Dorado on a fly! Thanks you once again, for all your hard work and being a fun and very gracious host. Let's keep in touch my friend and hope to see you soon.
Cory Higgins

  If you get tired of hunting big game, you can get tired shooting dove too, wow!!!!
  Cory also have time for Dorado fishing. Well done.   Doug and Cory sharing the dove shooting hunt.

Great trip guys. Now digging out from being gone! Thanks for all your hard work and detailed logistics! Talk soon when a little more breathing room. Cheers and Thanks again for organizing guys. Awesome!
Mike Stark

What can I say after this nice testimonials!, Doug, Dave and Cory: thanks for let me share this amazing week with you, you are a great group of friends, I have a lot of fun! See you soon. Chau!
Pablo Mazza

  Happy guys: Doug, Mike, Cory from California.   impressive old Water Buffalo!!!
  Cory Higgins and his gold medal Red Stag hunted in La Pampa province, Argentina

Pablo, hope all is well with you, we all had a great time in LaPampa. What a nice place to hunt. Thanks again for a great trip. Hope to come back again.
Mike Dougherty

Had a wonderful time. Everyone was great. Already starting to save for the next hunt. Thanks to everybody for a wonderful experience.
Ellsworth Warner

Pablo, We wanted to thank you, Nacho and Nico for another great trip. We always enjoy Argentina, but the people we meet make it very special for us. The buffalo and stag hunting with Horracio was another great memory for the books. From the pictures you can see how Bonnie felt about the wing shooting. I guess if the gun is on fire, that shows how red hot the shooting can be. The staff at the lodge worked to make everything smooth even when the weather was horrible. I now only need to loose the 5 pounds I gained from eating too much at the outstanding meals. Can't wait for the next adventure for in San Luis and Mendoza. Thanks to all for a great trip!
Bonnie and Dave Athey

"Mr Fire" Dave and "Thumbs up" Bonnie, look at this pictures... was very nice to have you one more time in Argentina. You are very nice people and a very happy couple! See you soon.

  Dave Athey from Wyoming and his amazing Water Buffalo hunted in La Pampa.
  Hola Bonnie!!! Is there any other happy women like her?   Nico, Paul, Bob, Ells, Scott, Mike, Ells Jr and me enjoying a good Malbec after the hunt.

BUENOS AIRES and ENTRE RIOS provinces, Argentina
Dove shooting + Dorado fishing! ::


Pablo, we were so impressed with the details that were taken care of, it was a fantastic experience on our honeymoon.
Eric & Meghan

Eric and Meghan spent a day of his southamerican honey moon fishing. Great idea Eric,
you´re the man! The weather was nice. During the fishing day close to Buenos Aires city, beside the Dorado, we also Tararira and Piranhia. Lot of fun. Thanks Eric and Meghan for trusting in our company. See you soon in Canada!
Pablo Mazza

Pablo, I am sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. I had many pictures to sort through and have chosen 8 for you. Please use them as you wish. Dan and I had a great trip and have been sharing it with many people. My wife made a scrap book for both Dan and I and we have been sharing the photos with friends and family. I think that you will have more people bidding on your trip in the future. Thanks for the fabulous time of hunting, fishing, eating, and drinking! It was incredible and we both hope to return to Argentina for another hunt with you.
John Craig and Dan Ashe

  Eric and his beautifull freshwater Dorado caught only 90 minutes far from Buenos Aires   What a honeymoon!!! Congrat Eric and Meghan.
  John and Dan thanks for visiting us!   First white, then... Malbec to celebrate the hunt.

Buenos Aires and Entre Rios province, Argentina
Waterfowl combo hunt - Duck, Dove and Perdiz :: READ MORE >>


Wink, Tom, William, Thomas, Alec, Fred and David I want to thank you because of the nice hunting days we spent together. Hope to see you again next year! All the best, chau!
Pablo Mazza



Thanks Pablo! What a great trip!
Tom Harbin

Pablo, You are the man! Gracias! Good hunting! We had a great experience with your team!
Alec Kempe

  Perdiz hunt over dogs
  Rare: hunters drinking beer after the hunt...   Cold morning, Hot coffee. Lot of ducks hunted.
  Fred, Alec, Pablo, Tom, Thomas, William, David and Wink   Retrieving a hare. Strong dog.
  Duck hunt in Buenos Aires province during June.
  Tom and Will, enjoying not only the hunt... a cold beer is always welcome.   Wink seems to be happy. Correct?

SANTA ROSA, La Pampa province, Argentina
Red stag, Water buffalo and Blackbuck hunt :: READ MORE >>


This big game hunt destination in Argentina confirm what happen on the last five seasons. Again hunting results were superb: giant water buffalo and premium red stag trophies, trophy blackbucks and more.

Rick and Tom visit to Argentina for a wonderful big game hunt. This guys are serious hunters: water buffalo, red stag, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, European muflon and fallow deer. By the way... Rick´s fallow deer will be the next #6 on the SCI South America Record book. Congrat Rick!!!

  Tom: what a beautiful deer! This stag is huge!
  Tom and Rick   Rick and his #6 SCI Southamerican Balckbuck
  Nice Muflon hunted by Rick in La Pampa   Nico Catena, Rick Bonander and me.

Pablo, Thank you so much for such a great trip. Not only did we get some amazing trophies but we had a great time in BA with you. We all agreed that you are the best at what you do. Thanks for helping us have the trip of a lifetime. Thank you, Nick Falcone

Hi Pablo! Thanks again for a great experience and hunt! Rick
Rick Bonander

  A huge water buffalo. One of the most challenging hunt in La Pampa, Argentina
  Peter and Pablo. June hunt for red stag,   Nice Blackbuck hunted by Tyler from California
  Pete Bradley, John "el vasco" Belza and Alan "Mr Rugby" Connor. Truly we have lot of fun together. Happy guys!

Buenos Aires and Entre Rios province, Argentina
Waterfowl combo hunt - Duck, Dove and Perdiz :: READ MORE >>


Thanks Dennis, Hasty, Geroge, John, Ian, Thyne, Lee, Shawn, Terry, Rick, and Frank, I have a lot of fun with you. Even most of you didn´t know each other, it seem you´ve been friends for a lot of time. Was great to share this nice hunting vacation with all of you, Hope to see you soon... all again together!
Pablo Mazza

  Cabela´s Signature Event - Argentina 2014
  Perdiz hunt in Entre Rios province.   Rick and Frank, from NY
  My god!
  Dennies and his great duck hunt.   Frank, the "gaucho", Rick and Ramon with the dog.
  Lee Knop and Shawn Turner.   Empanadas: fried meet pie. Perfect with red wine!
  How many doves YOU will shoot this 2015? Are you ready?
  Arriving by charter to the lodge.   Burning guns is common to see.

Dove shooting in Argentina
New destination: San Luis high volume dove shooting


Thank you Wallace, Michael and Norm. Hope you can return soon for a next dove shooting high volume trip to Capelen Lodge.
And thank you Ed "Mr Auctioneer" Brown, Steve and Dave. We have lot of fun together, lot beer, wine, beef... and of course lot of dove shooting!
Pablo and Nico

  Good shoot Mike!   Ed, Steve, Nico, Dave and Pablo. And... a some frozen beers.
  The Soprano´s   Are you really happy Ed?
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