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Newsletter #5



Hola from Argentina!


Dear friends, here we are again with the latest hunting and fishing news. Spring has arrive and is a good moment to see what is happening and how we are preparing for next summer season. Dorado fishing: seem to be as good as last season. Wing shooting: lot of doves and plenty of ducks, agriculture area is growing and birds will have more and more places to feed. Trout fishing and sea trout at Rio Grande, with excellent offers. And, big game, getting ready for probably the best season of the last 5 years.

Pablo Mazza


Parana river, San Pedro area / Buenos Aires province - Argentina
Dorado fly fishing close to Buenos Aires city

  Kevin fighting with a nice Dorado on the Parana river.   Typical San Pedro Dorado, 4-pound average.

Dorado fishing in Buenos Aires: After the long winter, finally the Dorado fishing season start in San Pedro area, our fishing program close Buenos Aires city. Kevin, Sean, Malcom and Francois (all from South Africa) fish with us the first week of October. The early morning weather conditions were not good, rain... and more rain. But, anyway we decide to drive to San Pedro. Half the way to the fishing area finally the rain stop and by the moment we´ve start fishing the conditions were excellent. We first fish a small stream, plenty of 2 to 3 pound fish. Have a nice "asado" (barbecue) at the cost and after that we move to the area on the Parana river were our captain know we will find the big ones. And it happened. We spent 3 hours fishing Dorado from 3 to 9 pound!!! Everybody hook and and nice fish.

"Thanks again for a fantastic days fishing on Thursday! I am already trying convince a few of my mates to join me in a trip back to Argentina to do some fishing."
Sean Oliver

"Just a quick e-mail to say thank you once again for the day out last week. We had an absolutely fabulous time, and really appreciate your hospitality."
Kevin Simon

Looking forward to host you again next year, your friend in Argentina!
Pablo Mazza

  Look at this beautiful Dorado jump!
  Sean holding a nice Dorado and his friend Malcom.   Finally landed!!! Francois with the biggest fish of the day: a 9-pound Dorado.

SALTA and ENTRE RIOS provinces, Argentina
+ Dorado fishing!

Salta province and Entre Rios province: 2 different destinations, 2 different techniques. Dorado fishing all over northern Argentina is always a challenge. For those experienced fishermen seeking for a new fly fishing experience we recommend Salta. Juramento and Dorado river are probably the most beautiful but difficult river in Argentina for Dorado fishing. If you never experience Dorado fishing in Argentina, then you must think about the Parana river. The Dorado cradle. A classic river you must try once in a lifetime.

Pablo Mazza
  The Dorado river flows thorough the Argentine jungle.   Look at his young lady, cool...
  Well done Adrian, this is a huge Dorado!

RIO GRANDE, Tierra del Fuego province - Patagonia, Argentina
Sea run brown trout fly fishing / Rio Grande, Argentina.


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Don´t miss this irresistible offer. A unique chance to fish the Rio Grande river in Argentina, for sea run brown trout, enjoying the world famous waters of Kau Tapen Lodge, probably one of the best fishing lodges all over the world. At Kau Tapen you will have the chance to fish sea trout from 8 up to 30 pound weight. Can you imagine?

January 8th to 15th

7 nights / 6 full fishing days staying and fishing in Kau Tapen Lodge.
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April 1st to 8th
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Hosted trip, 10 rods, all inclusive. SOLD OUT !!!

Ask for new available dates 2011 season. Don´t hesitate to contact us and we will arrange all the details for you and your friends. to fly fish in Rio Grande.

  Rio Grande river: sea trout paradise.   Daniel Beilinson with a 25-pound fresh sea trout

HUNT IN ARGENTINA, San Luis and La Pampa provinces.
Big Game hunt for Red stag and Water buffalo


During the last week of May, we travel to La Pampa and San Luis for a big game hunt. At both lodge we spent a great time, hunting for red stag, water buffalo, blackbuck antelope and wild boar. Nico at Mapu Lodge and Federico made a great job! Here are some testimonials:

"Itís been a hard few days being back in the States working after such a fun trip. Pablo thanks you again for showing us all around the ranches and for such a great time and I look forward to a great relationship!"
Best Regards,
Jason Quick National Rifle Association, US

"Pablo, enjoyed the time also".
Steve Sibrel Global Sporting Safaris, Wyoming, US

Thanks both!
Pablo Mazza

  Horacio (Mapu´s head PH), Nico Catena, Steve and Jason.   Jason and Steve at Mapu Lodge
  This tow guys are serious hunters!
  Jason and Pablo with a wide Red Stag   Huge Red deer

GSS Hosted trip
Duck, Dove and Perdiz combo - Wing shooting Argentina

During the third week of June we spent a great time hunting and enjoying the company of old friends on another hosted trip organized together by Dick KK (owner of Global Sporting Safaris) and us. Even when we arrive to Los Laureles Lodge the weather was not good, lot of rain, the following days have been great, and the hunt superb. We shoot duck and perdiz every morning and unlimited doves during the afternoon. The group: Levon, Frank, Nick, Harry, Clif, Gordon, Peter, Marty, and Jordan have a lot of fun. This are great guys!

Also, we have receive an very nice visit: Marty Fisher from TNT Outdoors Network. Marty film every hunt we done, so hope soon you can enjoy this great show!

Looking forward to host you again next year, your friend in Argentina!
Pablo Mazza

  Perfect morning for duck hunt!   Marty Fisher, Pablo and Dick KK
  Duck hunting best destination: Los Laureles, Argentina.
  Loundagin family: Peter, Gordon, Clif and Nick.   Harry Datys great hunter, better guy!
  The best hunting staff I´ve ever meet. At Los Laureles lodge we not only spend a good time hunting, we spend a good time because of them!
  Waiting for doves   A nice lunch between the morning and the afternoon hunt.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns while planning your hunting or fishing trip to Argentina

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