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Newsletter #4



Hi again!


Dear friends, here we are again with the latest hunting and fishing news from Argentina. Truly, last four month was probably one of the best seasons in the last 5 years. Dorado fishing was amazing in all the fishing areas the challenging freshwater Dorado leave. Wing shooting, as good as ever: lot of doves and plenty of ducks. Trout fishing and sea trout at Rio Grande, with excellent results. And, big game: the star… the size and quality of the hunted trophies were the best! The following are some testimonials and experiences.

Pablo Mazza


SANTA ROSA, La Pampa province, Argentina
Big game hunt

  Joshua, Jason, Todd, Nico, Matt, Pablo, James, Shima, Tony & Rick.   Santiago Junco with his very nice 14 pointer red stag!

During March and April lot of friends take part of the hunt during the red stag rut. They not only hunt a lot of red stags, also water buffalo, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, four horned ram, and wild boar. La Pampa is still one of the best destinations all over the world for this type of hunt. No matter if its on the riffle, bow or crossbow. Results are always very good. We would like to thank Dave, Tony, Matt, Santiago, Greg, Rick, Arni, Todd, Eliseu, Skidmore family and many other good hunters and friends that trust in our company again. And special thanks to Nico Catena, his father and all the lodge staff because of the professional work and because they make us fill at home.

What can I say... is the 4th year that Santiago repeat his visit to Mapu Lodge. This year he shoot 2 beautiful stags. A 12 and a 14 pointer!!! "Well done Santiago!!!" After the hunt we enjoy a great time together with Cesar Catena (Nico´s dad).

Regarding to Dave Courtney, an excellent bow hunter, was his first visit and look what a Buffalo!!! Amazing. Thanks to you and Tony Ruggeri from Trophy Seekers whom arrange all the details with us for you to have a memorable hunting trip to Argentina.

Pablo Mazza

  Look at this beautiful water buffalo Dave Courtney hunt!
  Pablo and Arni after hunting this huge Blackbuck!   Rick KK with his huge red stag, shoot during the rut, with Horacio, the head guide.
  Pablo and Matt Carr, a professional bow hunter that take this great stag on the bow!   Arni, Greg and Pablo, after a great hunting morning.
  Rick Kennerknecht owner of Global Sporting Safaris preparing his crossbow on the blind and getting ready for the Water Buffalo hunt.
  James Skidmore and his huge Fallow deer.   Tony Ruggeri, owner of Trophy Seekers, a truly professional bow hunter.

SANTA FE and ENTRE RIOS provinces, Argentina
Summer Duck hunt and Dove shooting + Dorado fishing!


As I've mentioned, the wing shooting during January and February was really good. Every hunter that shoot for ducks reach the bag limit every day and when they go out for doves, a blast! Thousands of doves everywhere. No limit. Every year in Argentina more an more fields are been harvest providing birds lot of food: Soybean, Sorghum, Sun flower and whit. Birds paradise!!! and bird hunters too...

Pablo Mazza

"Thanks for a great trip at Los Laureles Lodge, I hope you can enjoy these photos. Good luck with everything!"
Kim and Ricky Woodward

"Hi Pablo, Attached are a few photos from our Argentina adventure. It was an outstanding experience and we own thanks to you for all the coordination and help you provided. The duck/dove hunting was great...all the shooting we could want. We definitely like the variety of duck hunting, dove hunting and Dorado fishing. The guides, lodging, food and wine exceeded our expectations. The small boutique hotels you lined up and the private guided tour of Buenos Aires definitely added to the positive experience. The weekend excursion you arranged to the Brazil/Argentine border to see Iguazu Falls was great. Pablo thank you for helping make our first trip to Argentina such a positive, memorable occasion. Best regards and feel free to use me as a reference, Louie."
Louis Floden

  Dun hunting in Santa Fe during the Argentine summer. Loiue Floden and friends.   Ricky Woodward and the professional guide Cefereino.
  Just wow!!!   Mark, David, Louie and Ed enjoy the pool after the duck hunt.

RIO GRANDE, Tierra del Fuego province - Patagonia, Argentina
Sea run brown trout fly fishing / Rio Grande, Argentina.


What we can say about Rio Grande that has not been said. Is still the #1 sea trout fishing river on the world. No matter if you are staying in Kau Tapen, Villa Maria or ToonKen lodge. Fly fishing is very good everywhere. If you are planning a fishing trip for 2011, contact us and we will send you our hosted trip dates.

  Markus Kemmer with a nice fresh sea trout.   Daniel Beilinson with a 25 pounder. Well done partner!!!


Thanks very much for a good trip to Rio Grande. We have a great time ! The mixed program with Villa Maria and Kau Tapen was good to experience! The biggest trout 28 Pound was caught by Hakan but Jorgen and Robert catch several over 20 pound. My biggest was about 16 pound. It was a tough fishing with cold water, sinking line and big heavy flies. But this kind of fishing works very good for the Scandinavian people. It was two very slow fishing days on Kau Tapen depending of weather. We like special Villa Maria lodge. We try Menendes river and like that very much. Thanks again for a good organization!
Kent Lindvall

Hi Pablo, the flight home was good. We have 20cm of snow, so I am looking forward to get some wild boars on next weekend. The Trip to Argentina was again a highlight and I will come back soon. I send you 3 pictures with beautiful fish. Best regards,
Markus Kemmer

  The group having good wine and champagne, the last night at the lodge.   Ale Bianchetti, Villa Maria lodge manager and Kent.

San Luis province, Argentina
Big game hunt


This new big game hunt destination in Argentina exceeded all our expectations. Even it was the first hunting season since the lodge open it doors last October to receive hunters, hunting results were superb: giant water buffalo and premium red stag trophies. Arni -owner of Lax-a club from Island- and Rafael y Victor from Spain made an excellent hunt during the last week of March.

During April, Wirth family make a lifetime trip, and Rick KK owner of Global Sporting Safaris and Todd Cast owner of TNT Outdoors Network hunt together lot of good trophies. The filmed to make this year a TV show. Hope we look great on the screen... I would also like to thank Jason, the great man behind the camera. And of course Federico Clausen manager that made an excellent work together with his guides and lodge staff. All of hunters promise to return.

Pablo Mazza

  What a beautiful group of Red stags! This males are huge
  Rafael with a wide Red Stag.   Todd and Federico at Chischaca. Huge Fallow deer.


Pablo, it was a pleasure to spend time with you and I really enjoyed your company. I hope we can do many more shows together in South America. I look forward to seeing you in the US on your next trip. I had a great time and enjoyed making a new friend in you. Best Regards,
Todd Cast

An adventure all the way through! We had a great time: 2 Blackbucks, 2 Fallow, 3 Stags, 2 wild boar, 1 water buffalo, palomas, ducks, ....amazing! Lots of trophies for the new house in the country! The selection of the lodges were great, very different and always very friendly. Thank you for looking after us. I will keep you updated about our further travels... best, Iwan.
I. W.

Pablo Mazza

  A huge water buffalo hunted by Todd Cast! Federico Clausen and Pablo Mazza sharing this happy moment with Todd.
  Ben and this super gold medal red stag!!!   Rick Kennerknecht, a professional with a nice red stag shoot on the crossbow!
  Victor y Rafa from Spain, with the biggest water buffalo hunted this season.   Pablo, Rafa, Victor, Federico and Arni, after the hunt.
  Pablo and Arni Baldursson, owner of Lax-A Club from Island and a huge gold medal red stag. Well done Arni!!!

Parana river, San Pedro area / Buenos Aires province - Argentina
Dorado fly fishing close to Buenos Aires city


There is only one thing I am going to say: The best Dorado fishing season in the last 10 years in this area. Stop.


Estimado Pablo: me encuentro ya en Mèxico, llegue en la madrugada y todo en orden. Agradezco tus atenciones en Argentina y las de Nacho. La cacerìa estuvo estupenda y de la pesca ni hablar, fue espectacular! Que bien que se pudo organizar. Aqui les mando unas fotos. Saludos!
Santiago Junco

Pablo, I just wanted you to know we are back in the states safely but I am already wishing I was back on the river with you and Ruli, fishing for more big Dorado. I am attaching a few of the better pictures. Anytime you are in the states and would like to stop by for a visit just let me know... also if there is anything you think I can help you with let me know. Need advise on good baits I think will catch big Dorado ??? let me know and I can probably help by pointing you to the best ones we use for Bass Fishing... such as spinner baits. Take care my friend and God Bless
Mark Westhusin

Well Pablo, all I can say is "WOW"!! That was truly an amazing fishing experience. You and Ruly really put us on the fish and the rest seemed easy...especially for Mark! I want to say thanks again for all the great memories you gave us. San Pedro is certainly a place we'll always remember. Attached are a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy. I'd love to see a few of yours, when you get a chance. Enjoy your trip to Reno. Best regards,
Chuck Charles Long

Pablo Mazza

  The Parana river delta were the freshwater Dorado is waiting you!
  Mark and Chuck with a very nice Dorado!!!   Well done Chuck, this is a great fish!

Visit to USA
SCI Show, Reno 2010


This year we decided to take part f the Reno SCI show together with Mapu & Andelen Hunting Lodges. Nico Catena, his owner, and us were visit at the booth by a lot of friends and interested hunters that are planning to come to hunt with us next season. Sure, we will be there next January, to spend a great time as we did this year.
See you folks!

Pablo Mazza

  Nico, Bo Carter (Mapu acution buyer) and Pablo   Dick KK, Denny Vopat, Steve Sibrel, Pablo and Nicolas at the shooting club in Reno.
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