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RIO GRANDE, Tierra del Fuego province - Patagonia, Argentina
Sea run brown trout fly fishing / Rio Grande, Argentina


Premium weeks, last rods available! Super special offer up to September 30th.
Don´t miss this irresistible offer. A unique chance to fish the Rio Grande river in Argentina, for sea run brown trout, enjoying the world famous waters of Kau Tapen Lodge, probably one of the best fishing lodges all over the world. At Kau Tapen you will have the chance to fish sea trout from 8 up to 30 pound weight. Can you imagine?

Don´t hesitate to contact us and we will arrange all the details for you and your friends.
Pablo Mazza

  Alejandro with his huge Sea Trout record: 3 feet long - 2 feet diameter!   The amazing Rio Grande landscape.

CERRITO, Entre Rios province, Argentina
Duck, Dove & Perdiz hunt


Trip of a lifetime reloaded.
Dick Kennerknecht, from Casper-WY, did it again. He has organized a truly 'trip of a lifetime' for this group. After staying one night at the Alvear Hotel in the nice neighborhood of Recoleta -the heart of Buenos Aires city- we departed on charter flight to Parana airport. We stayed at Los Laureles Lodge, one of the most exclusive lodges in Argentina. Duck hunting was not as good as other years (a two days storm change the weather and water conditions on our arrival) but everybody shoot the limit of 20 ducks per day per hunter!!! This year we shoot in small lagoons because the island hunt (Parana river delta area) was forbidden. Most of the afternoons the party get crazy with the dove shooting quality: plenty of birds. Some of them shoot 20 boxes, but Owens family shoot more than 40 each!!! amazing... Some of the journeys we organize were more relaxed, but interesting hunt: walking for perdiz with dogs, the group enjoy a lot this outing. Back to Buenos Aires on a charter flight, they departed back to US promising themselves to return soon.

Dick, my friend... hope you and your party enjoyed this 'lifetime reloaded hunting trip'.
Pablo Mazza

  Even the draught, we duck hunt!   Owens family together with Pablo Mazza.
  Look at this beautiful birds!
  Is always nice to see two happy kids!   Dick KK hosted trips are always successful!

PIEDRA DEL AGUILA, Northern Patagonia - Argentina
Red stag hunt Patagonia, 2010 rut season


As you know Patagonia is one of the most exotic places all over the world to travel, and if you consider you can hunt for red stag, is a perfect combo. Amazing landscape, very nice lodging and excellent hunt.
Cull stag and European Wild Boars are available to be hunted with excellent trophy rates. The red stag rut start during the mentioned week, you can´t miss this opportunity. Also ask about other available dates.

If you are thinking about a new destination, think Patagonia. We will arrange all the details for you.

Pablo Mazza

  Look at this amazing FREE RANGE red stag...   Tipycal lanscape of the property, hills and valleys.

SAN JAVIER duck hunting capital of the world, Santa Fe province, Argentina
Argentina's Best Value Cast and Blast / 2009 & 2010 season

Take advantage of fantastic pricing and one of the very best cast & blast combinations that we have ever offered. Enjoy superb duck & dove shooting, along with great angling for Golden Dorado - the legendary sport fish of South America. Our lodge here is located in the province of Santa Fe and along the banks of the San Javier river. This area of Argentina has long been known for world-class waterfowl hunting, dove hunting and Dorado fishing. Due to an alarming increase in the duck population, the provincial authorities have extended the seasons to help protect the rice farmers from losing their valuable crops. Duck limits are very liberal and a daily bag of 50 ducks per hunter is the norm. Dove hunting in this region is also very strong and hunters can expect to shoot up to 50 boxes per day.

This is the only area of Argentina where one can combine great duck and dove hunting during the prime Dorado fishing months. During this time of year, anglers can expect to catch Dorado from 5 to 12 lbs, with the occasional fish up to 20+ lbs. The freshwater Dorado is considered to be the most challenging game fish in all of South America. Accommodations are provided in a comfortable lodge that caters to small groups and offers all the amenities of home. These hunts are extremely limited and are based on minimum groups of 4 sportsmen.
At these highly discounted prices, these incredible combo packages won't last long, so give us a call today.

Pablo Mazza
  Dorado fishing on the San Javier delta.   Want duck? you got it!

Parana river, San Pedro area / Buenos Aires province - Argentina
Dorado fly fishing close to Buenos Aires city


Enjoy the incomparable experience of fly fishing dorado, piranha and tararira (dogfish), surrounded by a unique landscape. Located very close to Buenos Aires (a 90-minute drive), San Pedro consists of a delta where hundreds of streams and channels get together, giving home to these species, so desired by flyfishermen. An easy way to enjoy wilderness, having the chance to see a lot of birds, turtles, capibaras and sometimes aligators.
The freshwater Dorado is considered to be the single most challenging native freshwater game fish of South America. It is a radiant, golden-hued, salmon-like fish with an extremely powerful jaw and razor-sharp teeth. Unlike the salmon, however, the Dorado does not succumb after spawning and never swims to the ocean. The Dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer and normally ranges (in this area) in size from 5 to 10 pounds, although the world record is 70 pounds.

An ideal program for businessmen or visitors staying at Buenos Aires and for all those seeking new adventures and destinations. The season open next October 15th and close next April 2010.

Pablo Mazza

  The Parana river delta during an amazing sunset, were the freshwater Dorado is waiting you!
  Average Dorado size on San Pedro area.   Fishing from a boat give the chance to move to many spots.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns while planning your hunting or fishing trip to Argentina

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